January 3, 2014

optimism-from-superjudgeLets talk about optimism for the new year do you people feel optimistic that the new year will bring positive changes or do you think that 2014 will be the same or worse than 2013. Well I for one look forward to the New Year with a positive attitude but that could always change by tomorrow. I don’t think that we can afford for it to worse that 2013 and still survive at least in the US. Down here one of the reason this country is considered to be one of the happier ones is that they don’t have great expectations so if they don’t get robbed or shot and they have a job and they can feed and house themselves maybe buy a big screen TV things will be fine. America on the other hand seems to be more pessimistic now than in the past. Even kids getting out of college aren’t expecting as much as they did when I was a kitten. Jeff thinks part of the problem is America has lost its identity when people want a mayor or governor they no longer have their traditional candidates. I mean to say that in some cases they have to look at people of different cultures and ethnicity so know they start to think in less positive ways. Then when they look at their traditional politicians that they’ve elected year after year they see useless lazy greedy people and they can’t believe they have been deceived. I think human nature will prevail and eventually Americans and others will become optimistic once again. This is Flounder looking fondly into the future saying CAIO from Medellin Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    I am pretty much always optimistic not to say that I am unaware of the things going on in the world I am -only I think we will find a way to make it better.


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