January 1, 2014

new-years-dayWell I see you all made it to 2014 the last party just ended a few minutes ago at least around here. So what did you all do? Jeff went to his brother in law Nacho’s house to be with Ruby’s family which included EL JEFE and Camilo as well as Hader and Nelida. It was a good time but you can tell the family is beginning to slow down a little. I of course had to stay home and listen to the party across the street which sounded like it was in the room with me. Do they make Excedrin for cats cause I got a butte of a headache? Well I need to take a nap so this is going to be a short one glad everybody made it thru see you tomorrow this is Founder saying CIAO from Medellin.Wait a minute that son of bitch just turned the music back up OHHHHHHHH my aching head.

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