December 30, 2013

Year-in-ReviewWell Jeff is headed for his minor eye surgery today and he’s not really sure if he’ll have nay vision restrictions on him for the next couple of days so we’re going to do some yearend stuff today just in case. Let’s see what happened well we had Obama care, Legalized Marijuana, the same for same sex marriages, some new gun control laws and 13 states are raising the minimum wage. There are hundreds of new laws all over the country most are just BS some are really good like the one we mentioned above. Staying in the political vain we lost some good and not so good statesmen in the last year like Hugo Chavez (Maybe not so good but see what they got now), Margaret Thatcher (Love her or hate her), Nelson Mandela (A man who changed a whole countries way of thinking), Ed Koch (Feisty New York Mayor whom some say was the best others the worst), and this gentleman who may not have been a politician but who invented a world changing device Mikhail Kalashnikov (he invented the AK 47 the most widely used rifle in the world favored by most Terrorists). All these people had profound effects on the world we live in today and maybe for the future as well. We lost a great many celebrities as well Paul Walker, Patti Page, Dale Robertson, Bonnie Franklin, James Gandolfini, Annette Funicello, Jonathan Winters, Pat Summerall, George Jones, Jean Stapleton, Dennis Farina and Lou Reed. I know there were many others these are the ones that mean something to us. There was the Boston Marathon Bombing, Peace talks in Colombia, the Edward Snowden story and a great many others that we just don’t have time for right now (Sorry). When we started researching this post we looked up deaths in 2013and were shocked by all the violence it was even more that we see in the news. Here’s a New Years wish that we really want to see come true STOP THE MADDENSS Before we destroy ourselves. Well we might be back tomorrow we might not so let wish everyone a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR and may next year bring you everything you deserve this is Flounder butting another one in the books saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    hope your surgery went well


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