December 16, 2013

pogo-chirstmas-countdown-7Seven shopping days left and before you yell at me I don’t count Sundays. The weekend was cool except for the fact that Nacional won making Jeff suffer some light hearted ribbing from his family. It turned out not to be that noisy maybe because everybody had to work the next day. Our friends I New Jersey are getting a few small snow storms maybe they’ll have a White Christmas. We got Hari his present and John and Vanessa’s too, but and this is a BIG BUT I don’t see anything for me and I’m getting a little worried. Oh on last thing look for Jeff’s new book after Christmas this one is titled Death Comes Home and definitely not Science Fiction. Well we’ll talk to tomorrow hope you get your shopping done in time and don’t forget me. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia

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