December 13, 2013

eOnly nine day left and like I said I don’t count Sundays there for football not shopping. Jeff keeps getting people sending him pictures of train displays and light displays, which is cool but we do have that stuff down here. As a matter of fact the lights along the river in Medellin rate in the top five in the world. We’ll try to get there again this year but it’s very crowded. So have you guys got my present yet, you better hurry before all the good stuff is gone. Well time to get the ear plugs out for the weekend big soccer game Sunday the final, final between Cali and Nacional and the game is in Medellin. So people wills start Saturday and keep the party going to game time if Nacional wins no sleep if Cali wins you’ll hear a pin drop. So just let me say have fun be safe this weekend this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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