December 9, 2013

img-thingHere’s Monday as I’ve said before it’s just another day for us down here, just another rainy day. The weekend was loud as the idiots from a couple blocks over decided to throw a party and see how loud there stereo could go. But this is not a time to complain our nephew Camilo had his conformation yesterday, a little late since 20 I think. It was nice to see the family there and not have to listen to a lot of very loud music. Jeff’s father in law Manuel (also known as El Jefe) was there with John, Vanessa, Hari, Hader, Nelida, Mauricio, and his Girl friend and Eliana were all there. The neighbor hood around Olga’s house is one of the prettiest decorated areas we’ve seen this year, everybody was pitching in to make it look beautiful. Here’s a question for you guys what’s your favorite Christmas music tell me in the comment section and we’ll discuss it tomorrow this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


  1. valerie said

    I go from classical Christmas to grandma – got run over by a reindeer to dominic the donkey – Oh holy night- silver bells What child is this – little drummer boy – not crazy about silent night


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