December 5, 2013

Happy-Holidays1600-613846Sorry didn’t get the outdoor pictures last night will work on it for tonight. When you think of the holiday season do you want to spend at home or do you want to go away someplace? I guess the answer would depend how close you are to your family and where they are in relation to you as far as travelling is concerned. I spent on e Christmas in California one and I have to tell you they decorate outside more than the east coast. It almost looks like they’re trying to compete with Disney land. I prefer to spend Christ at home and do as little traveling as possible but down here it’s a party week not just day so we’re always having people stop by or were going to some ones house. But seeing as I’m the resident cat I get to lay around the house and do nothing. I do get to wake Ruby in the morning and she’s usually not to happy about it but she doesn’t bother me she takes out on Jeff LOL. Well like I said we keep the posts short at this time of year so this in Flounder (glad I’m a cat) saying CIAO from Colombia

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