December 3, 2013

6a0133f0b2fdc2970b0147e2ff8afe970bJeff and I are continually surprised by the internet’s comments on what a particular celebrity is wearing and how conservative or outrageous it is. You also have the comments that will too much cleavage or the skirt is too short or her shoes are awful. The surprising thing is most if not all these comment are aimed at women and are made by women. Now we live in a country where if a young woman goes out wearing shorts and her ass cheeks aren’t showing the shorts are too long it is also a country where women are killed or attacked at an alarming rate. Now we don’t know this for sure but we think the emergence of women in politics and the work place is threatening to the machismo of the Latin man. We don’t think a strict dress code or a forced morality will change anything about the attitude of men toward women. Believe it or not many men become Muslims because of the subservient roll women have in that culture. Now America is a funny place when it comes to morality it usually depends on who you’re listening too, but like other countries crimes against women go largely unreported. This is because if a woman dresses a certain way she is asking to be harassed or attacked sexually. We think this is bullshit; do some women make mistake in their choice of a date? Yes! But that doesn’t mean she should be held responsible for an attack on her. When women go to report this especially down here they are made to feel guilty and they should just go home and clean the house. Spousal abuse is very common down here and it can be against the husband as well as the wife. This is a Catholic country where the church supports the man in cases of marital abuse. I don’t have any answers to these questions of morality I only have opinions. These opinions are that women shouldn’t have to worry about what they ware but they should be careful of the places they go. Remember the celebrities that you see walking around in very sexy clothes or what some people would call half naked are protected by security personal. They don’t show up in most photos but try to grab one and see what happens. Here’s wishing that things change so women can be themselves the same way men can without worrying about what others will think or do. This is a very liberal Flounder, saying let everybody go naked probably would be less conflict in the world, CIAO from Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    amen to that


  2. valerie said

    I sent a comment of this one did you get it I think I put it in the wrong spot. I said amen to that


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