Monday Monday

December 2, 2013

garfield_monday1It’s Monday and you know how they have different meanings to everyone. To Jeff’s wife Ruby it means she’s going to be babysitting Hari. For me and Jeff it’s just another day of book writing and Blogging. For a good part of the world it means back to work and for some back to the search for work. This Monday is also called Cyber Monday it’s the biggest electronic shopping day of the year. Companies like Amazon and other similar stores all over the world sit back and count the money. Now you cna get some good deals today but only if you can get free shipping or have the option of picking it up at the store. But like any other sale day you have to know what the item originally sold for so you can tell if you’re getting a good deal or not. You really have to watch the sales that say a percentage off like 30% these discounts or off the full retail price meaning you might be paying more than you could have yesterday. I’ve seen prices change on amazon and other sights as I’m looking at the item. This happens because they have a demand for the product and as they get less in stock the price goes up. Well it look like we wandered away from the original topic which was Monday as I said it means different things to different people but we think it’s just another day and you what for a whole lot of people in Colombia that’s just what it is. If they work in a little shop or restaurant it’s a seven day work week or if they’re lucky a six day work week. When you live in the US you can get spoiled working those five day work weeks and of course people complain about that because they can’t have off on Saturday and Sunday. So if you’re going to work today you have our sympathy we’ll be sure to think of you as we roll over on the couch. This a happily retired Jeff and Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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