November 26, 2013

2004-05-22-Police-corruption-Victoria-bullets-200226There’s something insidiously wrong with the world when the people we put out there to protect us don’t give a shit. I’m talking about police and how their supposed to enforce the law equally amongst the rich and the poor. But we all know, that’s not true; just ask O J Simpson or any of the Wall Street crooks that aren’t in jail. Down here law enforcement corruption is a way of life people may not like it but they except it. That’s truly regrettable because police are the poor person only protection against the evil we all know is out there. Who else are they going to turn to when their children are attacked or their homes are robbed? Who does the wife turn to when her husband beats her? Who’s going to catch the rapist that’s attacking young women in their homes? If the police are or are thought to be corrupt people won’t go to them instead they’ll let these criminals keep on doing what it is they do. In America people say they should be able to carry guns I order to protect themselves better. In Colombia you pay the extortionist who promises to keep the neighborhood safe neither of these is a good solution and I’m afraid I have nothing new to add to them. I do believe if people get together in orderly fashion and approach the politicians in charge and threaten to remove them from office or petition the Federal Government to investigate the police maybe some will change. If not I fear that in the not too distant future things will go back the Wild West style of justice and the rule of law will be forgotten but what do I know I’m just a cat in Colombia. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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