November 22, 2013

john-f-kennedy-ask-not-1a50 years ago today President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas ending what has been referred to as Camelot. Many of our friends that are reading this today weren’t alive back then or weren’t old enough to understand what was going on. Jeff was 17 and had just graduated High School that passed June. Like many other people he can tell you exactly where he was when the news broke. I can’t remember if it was cloudy or clear but I remember hanging out in the Munn Variety shop luncheonette on the corner of Central Ave. and South Munn Ave in East Orange New Jersey. I lived at 77 South Munn Ave. next to East Orange Hospital about 200 yards from the Munn Variety. What I remember was walking home and noticing traffic had stopped and there wasn’t a sound. I don’t think I ever heard a city that quiet in my life, until I heard someone yell the Presidents been shot. I ran the rest of the way home and my mother met me at the door crying. I don’t ever remember seeing the world basically come to a complete stop as people leaned into stranger’s cars to hear the radio and everyone was waiting hopefully to hear Kennedy was OK. But that’s not what happened you could hear and see everyone crying and then people got scared they didn’t know who or why was it an enemy plot, would we be at war. As the story played out over the next few days and America watched as his accused killer was gunned downed on live TV and some breathed a sigh of relief while others moaned now we’d never know what really happened. I have to tell you 50 years latter I don’t think we know the whole truth yet. But the government feels that people like me are too old to really want to know and their probably right except I do want to know so that the young people will know and can do what’s necessary to see that the truth will be known. Most people want to believe that the truth is already out there but is it. Two reports exist first the Warren Commissions lone assassin conclusion in 1964 and later the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations which they concluded in 1978 that there was probably a conspiracy and another gunman. Like all history when someone comes forward with something that might prove different people refuse to acknowledge it. I believe the HSCA report only because in my youth I was an exerts marksman and I find it unbelievable that one man could fire four shots from the type of rifle claimed to be used with the accuracy which is said to have been necessary for the results that were achieved. As for me Flounder my mom and my grandma weren’t alive back then so I don’t have a personal opinion on the subject. All I can say we’ll never know what could have been if JFK hadn’t died that fateful day in Dallas, if you have a story about that day please leave a comment about it. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia

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