November 21, 2013

LanguagePartners5Thought we’d talk about language today since Jeff is still struggling to learn Spanish. It is said that English is the hardest language for a native to learn and is very hard for others as well because for different spelling and pronunciation of the same word. For instance To, Too, Two and there and their plus they’re and there are others as well Chinese words change meaning with the tone you use. Spanish and German are supposed to be the easiest languages for an American to learn unless of course your name is Jeff. I don’t know if either Jeff or I will live long enough for him to learn Spanish but so long as we’re breathing there’s will always be hope. All languages have accents as well they usually go with what part of a country you’re from. Today they seem to be disappearing because people aren’t staying where they are born and now you have great mixing of cultures and language is again changing. Well I cut my lip last night so I need to go lay down and rest this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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