November 20, 2013

THIS-AND-THATHere a little this and that: First in Colombia President Santos has decided to run for reelection, no surprise there. His peace initiative is supposed to be his legacy. I wish politicians would care less about their legacy and wallets and more about the country. Look at Bush he invaded Iraq some legacy there. Then you got Obama and his health plan which is a great one if you’re a Democrat and a horrible one if you’re Republican. Ii need some guy from either Costco or Wal-Mart to tell me how they feel about it before I make up my mind. Let’s see the Giants beat Green Bay and Denver beat Kansas City in American Football. Columbia played to international friendly matches and won one and tied the other. A lot of problems with the internet today it said I had a good connection but wouldn’t connect me to the net, it’s all good now. Jeff has 118 followers on Twitter now not that I care enough of this it’s Founder and I’m saying CIAO from Medellin

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