November 15, 2013

dWe’ve written blogs on the US and other governments spying on the own citizens before but we thought we’d revisit it today. There’s an article on the internet about Government requests for more information from Google about search requests. They say they’ve tripled since the first reports were leaked by Edward Snowdon. Now the question we have if all these thousands of requests by the Government, and we’re only using the US Government here, are terrorist related then America is screwed. Because if you have that many people talking about doing bad thing s to the country there’s not much you can do to stop them. Now we all know that the NSA isn’t just looking at the violent sociopaths who wander the internet looking for new poisons or ways to blow up big buildings. They’re also checking you sexual interests and you political leanings. It’s bad enough that Google Yahoo and the rest track you r information so they can dump adds in your Email now you have to worry that some religious nut wearing suit will be checking up on you to see if you went to church or are cheating on your wife. The term privacy, you know that thing where when you close the door to your house you can say shit piss fuck and you don’t have to worry or you can have kinky sex with your wife and it’s nobody’s business unless you want it to be. Well it apparently doesn’t exist anymore. They listen to your phone calls they watch what you do on the internet you have privacy anymore. Maybe the smart one are the one who throw all there electronics in the garbage and go live in a cabin in the woods. I don’t know what can be done to change the Big Brother attitude of Government today but I do know if something isn’t done soon I won’t be able to write thing s like this. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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