November 11, 2013

Pakistan-floods-army-aid-006Jeff and I just finished reading an article about foreign aid and how most of it never gets to where it’s supposed to go. It’s always nice to see the photos on TV or the internet showing the aid workers distributing food and supplies, but that is probably only one truck of a hundred loads that’s actually getting to the people. If the workers went on TV and told the world then no aid would get to the people who need it. Most of these countries are controlled by corrupt governments or gangs of thugs that call themselves the army or police. It becomes quite the conundrum for people who actually want to send aid to these countries. Because they’re actually supporting the very thugs there trying to help people escape. Giving aid can sometimes be very destructive such as when we taught farmers new agricultural methods and then, they over planted and destroyed the top soil so nothing will grow. When we send money a lot of it goes to new cars for the politicians and maybe some will go for medicine and food. The US government now s this but wants the country to be friendly to the US so we can exploit whatever natural resources they might have. Now we’re not saying we shouldn’t help these countries just that the method of just dropping stuff on them and not teaching them how to read and thin for themselves isn’t working. Either is sending religious missionaries to them to convert them to Christianity. These people do convert some but they antagonize others who do not want to change the way they believe. So what is the best way it might be, and this will sound very bad, to leave them alone or send in our military to distribute the food and medicine and then leave after immediate need has passed and let them heal themselves. This Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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