November 8, 2013

budgetToday in the US there was an article about how the people in the Congress and Senate can’t agree on a Budget. The sticking point seems to be how to use tax revenue. Have you ever seen a group of monkeys or cannibals trying to divide up there food? Everybody thinks they deserve a bigger cut and some of them might be right. It’s just that in politics everybody is looking to make somebody who’s already rich happy so they’ll help get them reelected. When you try to discuss money in Washington only one thing is sure the people who can least afford to get screwed will get screwed. My being a cat doesn’t give me any insight into how you can fix this, in my world I’d just kick ass until I got what I wanted. You human on the other hand seem to want lie cheat and kiss ass to get what you want. You know the politicians are always preaching education but if the people really got educated and started paying attention to these idiots they wouldn’t be in office in the first place. We cats don’t envy humans we’re starting to learn that we can use and take advantage of you guys without breaking a sweat. The rest of the world is starting to see that to. They’re starting to realize they don’t have to nuke us they can just set around and wait for everything to collapse on its own, then move in and take over without firing a shot. But us cats don’t have to worry we’ll just keep on doing what we’re doing. This is Flounder saying CIAO for Medellin Colombia.

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