November 6, 2013

voteIt that time of year again called election time it’s pretty much finished in the US but it’s still going on in other countries and keeping that in mind I recently saw an article that said not many people who can vote do vote. I think the biggest reason for that is apathy people just don’t care because they seem to always get disappointed by those they elect. That is because once they get in office they want to stay there and the little people aren’t going to give them enough money to do that so they star doing favors for the big boys and the promises they made to the little people don’t count anymore. The only place a regular persons vote can really amount to something is in a small town and even there the promise of something actually getting done that would help the little guy is extremely small. Since the end of the fifties government officials have felt that poor people don’t deserve the same protections and benefits that the Us Constitution says they do. Now you expect to hear stuff like this when you’re talking about other countries but not the good old USA, well I’m sorry but it’s probably more true there than anywhere else. You see other countries worry about their army revolting or the people revolting the US doesn’t the biggest reason is because we don’t like each other, white people don’t like Latinos Arabs Or blacks or any other color than white. Blacks don’t trust whites and it goes on with each ethnic group not willing to sit down and work together. If people ever did that and they could actually agree the US would be a much different place. Would it be better or worse I have no idea but the rich and powerful don’t want the people to make decisions. In Colombia the rebels say there for the little people the farmers yet they take their property and kill them. It’s the same around the rest of the world. Maybe someday the little guy will get a break in the mean time they just try and survive. This is Flounder (thank God I’m a cat) saying CIAO from Colombia

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