November 5, 2013

luxury-houseI just some photos that showed the Negotiators for Colombia rebels (FARC) partying on a yacht off Cuba and was surprised to see how upset people were. First most rebel leaders live much better than the grunts it’s the same in any army. They don’t live in caves they live in nice homes, look at the leader of the Farc he live in a suite in Caracas Venezuela not a tent in the jungle. Also look at these guys the woman negotiator looks like she just came from a week at a spa no a few years living and fighting in the jungle. It’s like when they have a prisoner release the rebel soldiers that bring the prisoners to the release point have starched uniforms and parade clean weapons. Did you ever see pictures of American soldiers coming out of the jungle in Viet Nam they looked and smelled like shit not like they just got of the parade grounds? The fact that these overweight and privileged negotiators are believed to represent the actual people that are doing the dirty work is absurd. They’re negotiating for their place in politics when they after they throw the fighters under the bus. This is when you can feel a little sympathy for the rebel fighters but not much and this isn’t just in Colombia it’s everywhere look at the recent Arab leader who was killed in a drone attack he lived in a 120,000 dollar farm in Pakistan which is like a small palace in that country. No revolutionary leaders for the most part don’t live the hard life there have been exceptions Fidel and Che but even when they’re in the field with their troops they have bigger tents better food and access to woman and booze. So you can see its far better to start a revolution then to be a soldier in one. This is Flounder, and I’m a lover not a fighter, saying CIAO from Colombia.

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