October 18, 2013

quote-people-don-t-really-want-to-know-what-happens-they-ask-you-for-just-a-second-but-then-they-don-t-jorge-garcia-68369Now here’s a good topic what do you want to know and what do they want you to know. After sixty some years of watching the news I’ve seen go from a truly informative non opinionated format to one that shows only that particular person on agenda. In other words all you see or read in the news today is slanted to someone, usually someone rich, personal point of view. If they do show you something of value they will drown you in interviews with a hundred different people who really don’t have a clue but want their fifteen minutes of fame. They also can delay telling you something so that you don’t react to it, for instance down here the other day the Farc blew up a railroad carrying coal to port for export. This story was a blurb on Yahoo so later in the day when the news came on down here Jeff and I were interested to see what they said. What they said was noting not even a mention on the banner at the bottom of the screen. It did show up briefly two days later when there were more current events happening. In the US they just tell the story but inject their opinions as editorial comment. Take a look at the various stations now and see the various reasons given for the government shutdown and who was to blame for almost causing the collapse of the economy. So the next time, you read or watch a news item do me a favor take it with a grain of salt and not as the gospel truth and make sure you really want to know the truth before you start looking for it. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

One Response to “TRUE OR FALSE”

  1. valerie said

    true you forgot to add brain washing


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