October 16, 2013

indexWell looks like the debt crisis is over for the moment so I decided to see what else I could write about that would get people riled up and Jeff came up with a hum dinger. Let’s talk about Bruce Springsteen is he this generations poet laurite or is just a great entertainer. I think he’s just a great entertainer even though he thinks he’s the second coming of Bob Dylan. Now Jeff met Bruce maybe 44 years ago in a bar called Casablanca down the shore in Brielle. Jeff was there drunk as usual when the bartender said “Hey you got to meet this guy he plays in Asbury Park and he’s really good. Well nobody else seemed to know who this guy was but Jeff turned around and started talking to the young man who was very quiet speaking. As for what they talked about? Like I said Jeff was drunk, but he did go and see him the following weekend in Asbury. Now this was the time when all the bars had house bands they played up North in the winter and at the shore in the summer some were really good but most were just cover bands. Bruce was a cover band but he sneaked in some original stuff and it was pretty good what was really cool was that he got everybody excited with his music he was and still is one if not the best live band Jeff has ever seen. But, and here is where people are going to get pissed his music doesn’t have a lasting message like Dylan or Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger. People will remember his music because it will bring back great memories but not because of any social message it contained. His music’s messages are too now and not something that you can listen to 20 years later and apply the words to the world now your own life maybe. His music will evoke found memories of wind and surf not fear of a war and the accompanying military Draft. Bruce will never be a Bob Dylan or any of the others I mentioned his music will not transcend several generations but it will make people Smile. Sorry Bruce this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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