October 12, 2013

f04fd7da697522187c39d7f2142099afThis post was very upsetting to write and will probably upset some of you. Actually I hope it pisses you all off and you tell everybody you know about this and maybe something can be done. When I originally stared to this one I was going to do it about Colombia but when I went in search of a photo I discovered this was a worldwide problem. The subject called Virgin auctions of young girls and boys who are Virgins. In Colombia the street gangs, which are nothing more than muscle for organized crime, go to the poor sections of Medellin and buy the daughters of peasants. Most don’t object because if they do they end up dead. The really sad part is the girls don’t object because they will get nice clothes and all the drugs they want plus money. Their willingness is part of the culture of prostitution that exists in a lot of countries outside the US. I also found photos relating to Australia and Germany as well as others. It goes on in America but instead of buying the young people they find the young disenfranchised ones and ply them with drugs and the promise of money. But like I said down here they inter the world of prostitution willingly. I have even heard stories of girls graduating college and rather than get a job turn to the sex trade for a career. Just so you understand if they’re 18 and are doing it without a pimp involved it‘s legal down here. It never ceases to amaze me how degenerate human being can be to one another just as I think maybe your making some progress stories like this happen. This is a thoroughly disgusted Flounder saying Ciao from Colombia.

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