@#%$#&*^%#()@%## POLITICIANS

October 10, 2013

oct17Stand back world the ass holes in the US Congress have gone and pissed off my buddy Jeff. They’ve decided if they can’t raise the debt limit by Oct 17 the first thing they’re going to cut are Social Security and Medicare checks, you know fuck the little guy first. Of course they have no intention of not continuing to pay themselves after all the ass hole s deserve it. Jeff’s old enough to remember when the middle class was considered the back none of the country and the Government was still called a democracy even though I doubt it really was. I mean look at all the people that got rich during the World wars. They never let anything like a war stop them from making money, and who paid the price for that? Well the poor and middle class of course. The rich people weren’t going to sacrifice all they had “worked for” to go and fight a war no they were needed here to help supply the guns that killed people some even sold to both sides. Now here we are no longer called a Democratic Government system now it’s a Capitalistic system. Which means in Jeff’s opinion that the rich get richer and the poor get screwed notice how there’s no mention of the Middle Class. They screwed them a long time ago there only rich and the very rich and poor people now. Jeff likes to read up on history and when he does he sees countries that underwent armed revolution doing so because the disparity between the rich and poor got to large and the poor got tire of being stepped on. Wheel in America they have the largest disparity of any country in the world. Ninety nine percent of the wealth is controlled by less than seventeen percent of the population. Now you young people that are busy going to work so you can take a vacation and maybe in 20 years retire probably can forget about that unless you get lucky and the economy doesn’t crash again and your pension fund don’t disappear into some rich guys pocket. Jeff is so upset because people say that the check he gets every month from Social Security is an unearned entitlement, fuck them. He worked for 50 years and paid into that every week that’s money he earned and now they when he using it they want to take it away from him and you young people that say well he doesn’t really deserve it, wait one thing is sure you will get old and the government will fuck you too. I got to get Jeff away from the computer smoke is starting to come out his ears and I’m afraid he’s likely break the Key board. If they do stop his checks expect to hear a scream of profanity from down here this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

One Response to “@#%$#&*^%#()@%## POLITICIANS”

  1. valerie said

    I also say ^%#&*&%@^&$ to the f—ing politicians


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