October 8, 2013

keep-calm-we-re-doomed-anywayI have an interesting question for all of you. What would the world look like in 20 years if we solved all its problems in the next year? Let’s say we cure cancer, stop global warming, reduce infantile deaths, stop heart disease from being such a killer, stop all wars and plaques. What do think will happen? Well I have an opinion and it’s this we would be in worse shape than we are now. The birth rate in the US is expected to around 18.2% over the next twenty years or a growth rate of 22%. The death rate will be about 8.39% that’s if all the disease and famine stays as it is now but if we cure the above diseases people might feel comfortable in having more kids and you know in the underdeveloped nations there would be more kids being born. Now we’re going to have all these people around and they will be getting older my question now becomes where we get the fresh water for them where do we get the food for them where are they going to live. Here’s the truth we need all those bad things and then we would still need to control population growth in some way, probably not something we would like, just to survive. This might sound pessimistic and Jeff and I have been called that before but if you get on the net and start searching and do the math I’m afraid you’ll find that I’m pretty dam close to being right. When you do this remember if we fix everything the growth rate will increase but the death rate will decrease. This is a truly bummed out Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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