October 7, 2013

imagesThe US government remains in shut down and everybody is blaming everybody else. The Republicans are now saying it the fault of the American worker and they want to take away thing the average person has spent his or hers entire life paying for. You know what? Maybe there right let’s look at it and see if we can tell. First we’ve let ourselves become slaves to the rich. How you say? By not be able to do without all that technology you know the new car, the new phone ,TV, internet, and “smart phones.” We keep buying them because they made us believe we can’t live without them so that means we have to make money and how do we do this by working for the same people who are selling us this stuff. That makes us slaves to our own desires. Second how do you think these politicians got to where they are today? We elected them and we keep electing the same ass holes. Because hey we’re getting our stuff so they must be doing something right. If that were true then we might not be where we are today but the truth is they want stuff too but they want better and more stuff then we have and they think they’re entitled to it because by electing them we’ve said they are. Here’s a novel solution lets elect different people, people that are not Republican or Democrats but people that want to make sure that the US stays around for awhile. Now I know I’ve reached the point in this blog where people who are actually reading this are beginning to fall asleep so I’ll stop for now and as things get worse I’ll be back with more. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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