October 1, 2013

george_carlin_05 I am going to give you a little humor the rest of the week with quotes from my favorite comedian George Carlin, hers the first.
“Don’t you get tired of celebrities who explain their charity work by saying they feel they have to ‘give something back.’ I don’t feel that way, I didn’t take nothin’. You can search my house; I didn’t take a thing. Everything I got, I worked for, and it was given to me freely. I also paid taxes on it. Late! I paid late. But I paid. You celebrity people wanna give something back? How about giving half the money back? Or a couple of those houses? And you dickwads who collect cars? How about giving back 50 or 60 of them? Or maybe, if you people really want to give something back, you could let go a little of that arrogance” Well there you have it this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

One Response to “SOME HUMOR”

  1. Valerie McCaffrey said

    I just love or I should say loved geo. carlin



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