September 17, 2013

thirty_second_attentionHi most of you that read yesterdays post probably don’t even remember the title that’s what today blog is about, our attention span. Just look at the news last week everybody was worried about the loss of life in the Colorado floods now it the loss of tourism. Even though people are still missing and homes have been lost people are worried about tourists. Don’t worry’ they’ll come people not only have short attention spans but a morbid curiosity as well. Jeff and I both think that this is the reason governments and big business get to screw over people without worrying someone will call for a revolution and even if someone did most people wouldn’t know what they were talking about. I guess it might be a copping mechanism so that we don’t keep having nightmares about nine eleven or other horrific events in our lives but remember what I said the other day those that don’t remember history are condemned to repeat it. I don’t think my blogs will change the world or even one person but at least it can be said that I tried. This Flounder, and don’t forget I’m just a cat, saying CIAO from Medellin

One Response to “ATTENTION SPAN”

  1. valerie said

    keep trying guys


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