September 16, 2013

imagesGreat way to start the week in the us floods in Colorado 12 people dead I a shooting in Washing DC at the Naval Yard. I want to see how the gun people handles this one weren’t there enough guns there. They’ll probably say no or that the people weren’t trained and that they need more armed guards on the base. Maybe some razor wire machine gun towers bars on the windows OH wait a minute that’s a prison not a civilian work place. If the gun people can come up with anything rational I’d be willing to listen, but knowing them the way I do I don’t think there answers will make any since. Like everybody in the building should carry a gun. The problem with that is the minute a gun goes off untrained people with guns become danger to themselves, don’t bother telling me that they should all have to go thru firearms training once a month. Ask any soldier that’s been under fire they can train you and train you but when somebody is shooting at you it’s a whole different ballgame. I hope the shoot these guys and I hope the injured recover I also hope the families of the dead can recover. One thing you know for sure there will be lawyers calling the victims’ families telling them it was the governments fault and they need to make them pay. The only ones who make money in these types of things are the lawyers. This is a very sad Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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