September 13, 2013

6d200885-e0c8-411a-bc56-e63d628fb27b_1174356_10201195906196394_796516748_nThis is a story that I think represents what’s wrong with the world today. The young lady pictured above is named Andrea Sloan and she has stage 3 ovarian cancer in other words she’s dying. Her doctors have told the 45 year old woman to put her affairs in order they were telling her not to give up but she should be ready for the worst. Now for the hard part there is a drug out there that might be able to help her it’s called BMN-673 it is being developed by a company named BioMarin and it might just save her life. The catch is it isn’t approved by the FDA yet although they did say she was eligible for the drug on “Compassionate use” the problem is the drug company y won’t let her have it. She and her doctor have begged the company to let her have and the answer is always no. The following is a quote from BioMarin statement as to why “We empathize with anyone effacing a terminal illness. As a company, we strongly support pre- approval expanded access programs. We implement these programs when we have sufficient completion of a well- controlled trial…BMN673 is not sufficiently far along in the development process to implement expanded access in ovarian cancer…Although we have publically reported that the initial data is promising, we do not have sufficient evidence that the compound is safe and effective.” Now I might applaud the fact that their trying to be careful if I thought that was their only motive. Being a cynical cat I think they’re afraid that Andrea might still die and their drug would be blamed and they would lose a fortune even though she has publicly stated she wouldn’t hold the company liable all she’s asking for is a chance to live. That in a nut shell is what’s wrong with the world money has become more important than compassion or just doing what’s right. This is a thoroughly disgusted Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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