September 12, 2013

rain_1Has anybody noticed that it seems to be raining a little more than is usual for this time of year? Jeff thinks so his niece has had her backyard and basement hit by a flash flood in Colorado. I always thought that sort of happened in the Spring with snow melt not in the Fall. You I keep trying to tell you humans you can’t keep pissing off Mother Nature or she’s going to kick your ass. Most people aren’t even aware of changes to the climate or weather patterns because they spend their lives in a controlled environment only venturing out to go the store or seek another inside venue. If they should go out to the beach or country they still won’t notice the changes even if they suffer from storm damage. They will write it off as a temporary thing and continue on with their lives being ignorant of the fact that Mother Nature is getting ready to dump on them. Politicians and some anti factual people refuse to believe scientists when they say the planet is warming and thing are going to get bad. People in the Northeast say great maybe the winter won’t be that cold. But wait when you see the ocean outside your window and you live in Harrisburg Pennsylvania it will be too late to say hey maybe those guys were right after all. This Flounder heading for high ground saying CIAO from Medellin.

One Response to “RAIN”

  1. Valerie McCaffrey said

    tons and tons of rain, after Sandy left my back porch a mess – had to wait till March to get someone in to fix the damage – was going to start painting it and it rained so much through spring and summer I said the hell with it I will wait till next spring no sense doing it now it takes beating in the winter, so the answer to your question it yes much more rain than usual.



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