September 11, 2013

911EagleToday is the 12th anniversary of 911and the sad thing is people are beginning to forget. The same thing happened after Pearl Harbor and the Oklahoma bombing. I guess it’s a coping thing or Americans are so caught up with other things that they forget the most important events of their times. When Jeff graduated High School he could sit down and talk about WW2 and even the Civil War he knew what people said about the cause and effect of both. He remembers how people would come out on Armistice Day and fly flags to show they remembered. Do you remember how after 911 everybody flew flags? There was even a guy in Parsippany who but the letters USA on his roof daring a terrorist to attack his home. Those lights have been down for awhile now so have a lot of the Flags. People are beginning to forget and get on with their lives. Forgetting or putting it to the back of your mind not only leaves us open to a repeat, but it diminishes the live of those who died. Maybe if we had put all out resources into Afghanistan and hadn’t taken ten years to kill Ben Ladin or had brought him back to stand trial for crimes against humanity we would still remember. Now we remember once a year for a few minutes and then it’s on to work or whatever. I forget the person who said and I think it goes something like this those who don’t learn from histories mistakes are bound to repeat them. That’s probably not right but you get the gist people are always saying we’re forgetting the Korean War or the Viet Nam Vets. Unfortunately Jeff has lived thru all of this he remembers News Reels about Korea TV reports about Viet Nam and all the other little and big wars we have been involved in since the so called War to end all Wars. He remembers as a kid being afraid when a birds shadow came across the playground and kids did the fall and cover thing. Fortunately those days are over for today’s kids they only have to worry about the kid next to them in class pulling out a Glock and shooting them. This is Flounder and I’m ain’t forgetting any of this shit saying CIAO from Colombia

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