September 9, 2013

tv-pilotIt’s Monday and the NFL season has begun as has the new TV season. The football games were good but long a pro football game is made up of 4 quarters each 15 min in duration, a 20 min. halftime, and 6 timeouts. Now baring a major injury the games shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half not so. The game started at one o’clock and finished at 4:15 3 hours and 15 min. thanks to TV their ruining the game by removing the continuity of the game. Soccer can be a very dull game until you get used to it but the good thing is no timeout TV or otherwise commercials run in a small picture in picture or on a banner at the bottom of the screen. As for tht new TV season its funny how somebody will have a successful show and then next year there will be three or four show very similar in nature. They tell you success follows success but I think there aren’t any people willing to take a chance on their imagination. Jeff loves this time of year down here because you have world cup soccer qualifying, championship soccer league games, NFL, baseball including playoffs and World Series, the NBA starting up, and the soccer league games. If you love sports there is no better time. This is Sport hating Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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