September 3, 2013

imagesToday we’re going to take a look at the news and see if we can figure it out. If you want to know why your buddies seem to have such opposite opinions from you take a look at where they get there info from. If you look at Yahoo’s home page and click on news you will see some AP and UPI as well as stories from the various media outlets. You will also see stories about people catching giant alligators’ who’s going to be the judge on American Idol or dancing with the stars as well as other stuff that really has no meaning. OK so you go to CNN or Fox and maybe even CBS and here you’ll get news but it seems everybody has their slant to it. So what are you to do if you want real info to make an intelligent decision? Well you’re going to have to work for it which is something most people don’t have the time or the desire to do, then you just might be able to form an opinion that is correct. Of course everybody else will still want to argue with you. That’s it this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

One Response to “NEWS?”

  1. valerie said

    Put soap in your mouth for mentioning Fox news – I don’t like any of the cable news shows maybe CNN I do watch Ch2 for Charlie Rose for 15 min. in morning I get the gist of what is going on. All the rest is BLAA BLAA BLAA


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