August 20, 2013

imagesHere’s a little note to the President of Colombia Manuel Santos. Hey Mr. President how’s that legacy thing going for you know where you get the Farc to agree to peace. The last I heard they said they didn’t want to give up their weapons they were afraid someone might shoot them. Mr. President I don’t want to upset your dreams but it looks the farmers in your country are a little pissed off at you about how little they make and how much the buyers of their goods make. Even the Farc has gotten in on the protest telling the farmers that they’ll be happy to send man and guns to help them. I think Mr. President a better legacy for you would be to bolster the economy and help some of the poor people get a piece of the dream instead of selling it to rich folk. You ride around the country talking peace while making statements the police and the military are ready to fight any violence buy the farm protesters. Have you given any thought to the idea that maybe that many police and military shooting gas grenades at the farmers is just escalating the violence. Probably not huh most politicians always think there way is the best way and since any other way may cut into the money your supporters are making I guess we’ll just keep on going the way it’s going until someone does something really smart or really stupid. This is Flounder looking for happiness CIAO in Medellin.

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