August 19, 2013

area-51-2Have you guys read the articles saying that the CIA is admitting that Area 51 exists? Sort of anti climatic don’t you think everybody knew it was there you couldn’t get a flea threw the security surrounding the place and now they say yeah it was there all the time. Their saying it was used to test spy planes, well we all knew that from the Discovery channels stories on Lockheed aircraft and Boeing and the Black Bird jet. I find it amazing that the Government specifically the CIA thinks all American are stupid and only believe what they tell them. I’m not going to say that I believe their hiding Alien technology there but it would surprise me. One thing the CIA is good at is keeping secrets from Americans I mean the rest of the world might find out but not the good old folks in the USA. It’s really funny if you’re an avid reader of News stories how much that the Government thinks we don’t know is out there for us to read. Yeah I know some of it really is BS but there’s so much out there that some of it is true. The Government doesn’t care that it out there anymore because people find the truth harder to believe than a simple lie, I guess that doesn’t say much for us. I read a lot of financial stuff and political stuff from Rolling Stone Mag. as well other sources I find reading guys like Matt Taibbi to be rather enlightening and I believe if just one percent of what is said is true well than American are really stupid and the future looks grim for us. Well this is a thoroughly depressed Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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