August 14, 2013

7.3-Earthquake-in-ColumbiaApparently we had an earthquake yesterday in Colombia; well you could have fooled me. On the norm we feel an earthquake about once a month down here, you know like California, you might feel a little shake buts that’s it. Yesterdays was anywhere from a 6.4 all the way up to a 7.3 they said it shook buildings in Medellin, I can’t believe it cause nothing that’s what we felt. It was located about 59 miles of the west coast and I just don’t understand why we didn’t feel anything I mean when we get a real bad thunderstorm down here it can vibrate the walls. Maybe it was a slow news day and they just wanted to make the story exciting. But our TV news said nothing about it if I hadn’t seen it on the internet I would not of known about it. Well that’s all I got right now this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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