August 13, 2013

imagesHave you ever thought of living in a world where there was no electricity, cell phones or any kind of phone, no TV nothing? That could happen if somebody decides to set off a few EMP’s (Electric magnetic Pulse) or if there was a nuclear war. Nuclear devices when exploded can cause EMP’s the effect would be like going back to the dark ages. You can’t fix something once it’s been effected by an EMP its insides are effectively fried beyond repair. It would take years to be able to start building basic machines, in the mean time there would be no way for authority to communicate what was going on. More than likely man would revert to anarchy and tribes would be the norm. People would be afraid to travel anywhere not they could go far anyway. To give you an idea look at all the movies about the day after an apocalyptical event and you’ll get some idea, only in reality it will be much worse. Man left to his own will turn savage faster than any wild animal that has been tamed. We are by nature destructive and self serving so I suggest that nobody ever decides it would be a good idea to eliminate all technology. This is Doomsday Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.


  1. valerie said

    it’s a good thing we are thing we are the animal with the working thumb so now when this all happens we can invent the wheel – hope I’m not around


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