August 12, 2013


jb1301498853659R1307977333xl I didn’t want to start the week off with nothing but negative news so here’s some positive stuff. Yesterday was the last day of the flower festival in Medellin most of you probably don’t know this but most of the flowers you buy in the flower shop aren’t grown in the US. The most familiar one is the rose the United States now imports over 90% of its rose’s, but down here growing thing is still a big occupation. The families all build these displays and then put them on their backs and carry them the length of the parade which is about a mile or two. They are also competing for various prizes which can translate into income for them the fowling year so there’s incentive to do their best. Do to Ruby’s hand and some miss communication with Nacho we didn’t actually go to the parade but instead watched it on TV. The parade was also scheduled to start at 2PM and ended up starting around 3:30 and we were going to leave around 9AM to get a good spot which would have meant standing around for five hours or so. Some of the people carrying these floats range in age from 10 yrs to 70 or so years. The weight of these things goes from around 25 pounds for the kids to 80 or more for the adults and as Jeff says better them than us. But it does give you an idea how important this is to the people and hard their lives really are. Well I might be back later but once again this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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