August 12, 2013

imagesThe weekend news from down here was a little unexpected the police arrested in two days 1372 drunks 279 in the capital of Bogota. This is only the ones they got on main roads and includes taxi cab drivers and bus drivers. As I’ve said in the past drinking and soccer appear to be this country’s national pastime. This reminds of how they used to put Holiday death tolls on the news and we had some pretty big numbers back in the day. I think the police down here should take a look around the world especially in the United States to see how the problem is being handled. Of course the big problem down here is apathy by the police who only react after the TV news has shown some horrific major accidents caused by drunks then for a little while they respond to public outcry this also keeps peoples mind off the other problems in the country. I beginning to think that the main reason Colombian people are considered to some of the happiest in the world is their not sober enough to see their life as it really is. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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