Smart phone

August 9, 2013

imagesToday we’re going to talk a little more about how the computer age is depersonalizing the world and preventing us from fully developing our imaginations. Let’s start with how just about everything in your house can be controlled by your smart phone while you’re in the car or on the train. You can set your burglar alarm, turn on your air conditioner or set it to a new temperature. You can set recording devices to record your favorite soap opera or sporting event. You can even open your door for your girl friend if you running late. We can keep going turn on the stove, oven, and dishwasher just about anything electric in your house and you don’t have to be there or get out of bed. Telecommuting is making so you really never have to leave the house all the major stores and markets will take an order over the internet and deliver it to your door. Now as to depersonalizing your world face to face conversation is becoming obsolete. Both Jeff and I have seen two people walking down the street together and rather than use their vocal cords to talk to each other they would text. Now that’s all fine and good but how do you know what that person is really like if you fall in love are in love with person next to you or are you in love with their electronic persona. We think if you watch every movie where computers are replacing natural selection with their choice and you say that can never happen. Take a look at yourself and see how much communication you do face to face and how much you do by computer or smart phone. You know smart phone is a good name for the device because it’s controlling you so obviously it’s smarter than you. This is a non smart phone owning Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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