August 5, 2013

esmn114lThere was an article on the internet the other day that said children didn’t need to study grammar or spelling anymore because of Tablets, Smart phones and other computing devices. Then this morning there was another article about this 15 year old on the television show Jeopardy had lost about 3000 dollars because he spelled his answer wrong. Now Jeff says he’s seen this happen on a couple of game shows but no one eve complained like this kid and you know what they’ll probably give him the money. It goes to show though that spelling (which Jeff sucks at) is important and so is grammar. I know everybody talks in text language or HIP HOP now a days it’s just that Jeff feels we’re losing our since of self with our dependence on a machine to do thing s right. This is Flounder saying Thank you Spell check and CIAO from Medellin.


  1. valerie said

    if it wasn’t for spell check no one would understand anything I wrote


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