July 16, 2013

imagesYou how we always try to do some news every once in awhile but we just realized we don’t really get a lot of news about Medellin, it’s mostly about Bogota. The main TV channels down here for news are Caracol and RCN and they are both located in Bogota. The news from there does cover the rest of the country except there’s very little about Medellin. That mean either there’s very little crime here or nobodies reporting on it, we think nobody is reporting it. One reason could be criminals are keeping it from being reported thru intimidation of witnesses and such the other reason could be there still trying to restore Medellin’s image after Pablo Escobar destroyed it. I don’t know what the reason is but when you watch the news it looks like half the cab drivers and politicians in Bogota are drunks and should be allowed to drive a car never mind a taxi. There also seem to be a lot shootings and kidnappings going there. I sure Medellin didn’t all of sudden get innocent in the way things are done, I’m sure there is still plenty of crime down here since when you look at the police they don’t seem to care much for enforcing the local laws. This could be blamed on the fact that the jails are extremely over crowded if you saw a picture it would look like an old tenement from the 1800’s. Part of the problem is they bring their own clothes and toiletries into the prison. When I see picture I get the feeling that the crime rate is higher inside the jail then out. Well I probably pissed off a few more people today so I’m out of here this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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