July 15, 2013

imagesYou know miscellaneous means? It means I have no idea what to write about today so we’ll just sort of wing. Nacional and Santa Fe tied 0-0 yesterday, and that seems to be what Nacional is best at. In the big trial in Florida which I have to admit I very little about the defendant was acquitted this was a very intense case, where a white neighborhood watch person shot and killed an unarmed black teenager and that’s about all I know about this case. The major league baseball all- star game is this week (guess what I don’t care) I did mention that Hari’s birthday is Wednesday and just so happens is the final of the two games between Nacional and Santa Fe. It’s a gloomy Monday weather wise down here at least right now but who knows what will happen in the next 5 minutes. That’s how fast the weather can change down here. Hader stopped by yesterday and as always we were glad to see him he a cool guy. Well unless I start making stuff up that’s all I got this Flounder saying Ciao from Colombia.

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