July 14, 2013

Santa-Fe-vs-NacionalWell I didn’t make it back yesterday but I’m here now. Today Nacional and Santa Fe play game one of a home and home series for the championship. Today’s game will be in Medellin and Wednesday game will be in Bogota. One of the unique things is there will be no Santa Fe fans at today’s game there is too much threat of violence. It would seem that Medellin and Bogota don’t like each other very much. There will no Medellin fans at the Bogota game for the same reason. The championship will be decided on the combined score of the two games. I for one am not sure that I was Medellin I would want to win the champion ship in Bogota. Wednesday is also Hari’s birthday he will be turning 3 and there will be a party next Sunday for him in the Party room of our building. We’ll have plenty of picture of the little darling then but the sad thing is there not going to let me go. Hari and I will celebrate during the week this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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