July 12, 2013

2412508491_crazySmiley1_answer_8_xlargeWell we were watching the news last night and they kept showing this horrible accident in Bogota where a bus supposedly lost its brakes on a hill and killed some people. I say supposedly because in the video the bus goes airborne and demolishes a car, and then hits another with the same results. The vehicles looked like they had already been crushed at the junk yard. The video also appears to show the bus traveling at a high rate of speed; speed and alcohol seem to be the main cause of accidents down here. Unless you’re out in the country on one of the new highways the rest of the roads are not built for any kind of speed. Getting back to the bus they’re equipped with standard transmissions same as cars and have parking brakes. They’re trying to tell people what a great job he did avoiding pedestrians, but I think that he could have used the trans and engine to try and slow the vehicle unless he was already going to fast or he panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the brakes. Whatever this was a horrible accident and enforces the old axiom SPEED KILLS. This is a non bus riding Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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