July 11, 2013

5d3c777f8ac14d88a03208f09af5dcc7First we passed the six hundred mark in posts yesterday we’re still about 24 behind the one a day average, don’t know if we’ll make it this time. Let’s talk about old stuff or unique stuff Jeff is always looking for strange stuff for sale and so far he hasn’t found anything special for sale he has seen old typewriters and phones and stuff in a museum setting but not for sale. The artisans down here are so good that they produce a thousand of something by hand and they will all look the same. It’s not that Jeff wants to buy it (Ruby would call it junk and say no way) he would like to just be able to handle it. The problem seems to be that the stuff that was real quality is still in use somewhere you know people aren’t rich down here so if they don’t use it they’ll throw it out give it to their kids. Well I’m done this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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