July 10, 2013

spiesJeff Me and Ruby were watching the news this morning and a couple of thing s got Jeff upset. First this ex senator down here Piedad Cordoba is shown leading a group of people in a Viva La Farc cheer of course she deigning that’s what was being said. She claims it was Viva La Paz and both and I can read lips and that ain’t what she said. She has been instrumental in getting prisoners released by the Farc. Now I know you just don’t go down to the corner and ask to speak to a member of the Farc leadership Jeff believed from the star she was a sympathetic collaborator with the Farc (that’s fancy for spy). Now for the second thing the US monitoring or spying on Latin American countries, this is nothing new. Jeff believes that they have been monitoring conversations down here since the days of Pablo Escobar. American find it hard to believe that their government would spy on them, come on now people Kennedy sent CIA agents onto college campuses during the Viet Nam war to spy on the anti war movement. That resulted in the CIA being told to stay out of domestic issues and they did right (LOL). It has been widely written that J. Edgar Hoover past head of the FBI tapped Kennedy and other Presidents Phones. Do you think all this stopped just because he or Escobar is dead? They had this technology in place and it was very advanced for the time and you bet they kept on using it. The governments of South America have always tried to spy on each other just like the rest of the world you don’t think Colombia is doing it as it tries to rid itself of the Farc. Ok Jeff and me are probably on someone shit list now so I’m just to say this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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