July 9, 2013

peace_love_politics_photo_cut_out-r9ee2def7a48d44409ffba3bcd78e9ed0_x7saz_8byvr_512I just started paying attention to the news about the peace talks between the Farc and the Colombian government. As I understand it besides giving land back to the poor people they want a voice in the government. Well it would seem when the government does give land back somebody comes long and kill the people and as for the voice in government earn it. I say earn because to the best of my knowledge this is a democratic country with free elections so all they have to do is have sympathetic candidate and let the people choose. Now maybe it’s the fact that they don’t think that they could win an honest election and they would rather have the government give them a voice. If they want peace there fighters, who are mostly working for drug traffickers at his point, should surrender their arms and allow themselves to be interred while the government checks to see if they committed a crime and to retrain them for something else besides killing. As for their leaders in Cuba if they want to let them have amnesty that’s OK if they want to lock them up that’s cool to. But this picky little shit has to stop either they want peace or they don’t. Once again this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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