July 8, 2013

SSSOk so both Jeff and I are getting lazy so sue us. In sports yesterday Nacional won to set up a championship game with Santa Fe John says neither team deserves to be there but that’s the way it is sometimes in sports. There was a big car race in the US at Daytona speedway in Florida Jimmy Johnson won with Tony Stewart second and as usual there were plenty of wrecks. Jeff and Ruby went to the Santa Fe mall in Medellin it has lot of American stores but the prices are about triple what it would cost in the Us for clothes and shoes. But the fast food prices aren’t that bad of course the menus are somewhat different and the meat may not be the same but you can find McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC. They ended up getting a four back of Cinnabon classic Cinnamon muffins and you want to talk about sugar shock. It also along with McDonalds the busiest place in the mall, you see no one like to cook on Sunday down here. Well I got to go run around a little I managed to steal a little of that last bun and I’m really wired so this is a shaky Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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