July 4, 2013

imagesIt’s me Flounder I’m back I get tired of listening to fats tell me how hard this was. Let’s get started Colombia has had a bad couple of days starting with the defeat of the heavily favored U20 soccer team losing on penalty shot to little South Korea. Then this morning as people gathered for what they thought would be a celebration had their hearts broken again when the Junior Olympics were awarded to Buenas Arias Argentina. It would have been a coup for President Santos and would of helped this country immensely by forcing it to pay attention to Medellin instead of Bogota. There would have had to be a lot of improvements in the infrastructure in Medellin all of which would have done good. Medellin is not as some people still think the kidnap, bombing, and drive by capitol of South America those titles belong to Venezuela. Getting the games would have necessitated improvements in roads and other areas of transportation as well as requiring the police to modernize and get more effective on low level crime. Anyhow me condolences to the people of Colombia and specifically Medellin but things will get better just a little more slowly then I think they would have preferred. This is the genuine Flounder saying CIAO from lovely Medellin

One Response to “NOT THE END OF THE WORLD”

  1. valerie said

    flounder- I think it is ungrateful of you to call the man who saved your furry ass from starvation by calling him fats


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