July 3, 2013

imagesIt’s me Jeff again today I would like to talk about freedom of speech. We all have heard that governments and business’s try to limit what we can say; now we have individuals attempting the same thing. I make a lot of comments on Yahoo concerning news stories I read and for the most part the feedback that I get, both positive and negative, is constructive and far from being a personal attack on me. That’s not always the case, for the second time I felt threatened by somebody personal attack on me. In the past I would have gotten into a war of words with the idiot for fun now, especially since I believe it’s the same person I had Yahoo block a few months ago, I just repeated the process and blocked him again. The point of all this is I make comment a on Yahoo in the hope that I might get comments back that would start a fun dialog on whatever subject I had commented on. Well now I really have to be upset by the story to even think about commenting since it would seem that the people who respond don’t believe in free speech and are racist and anti everything. So to make a long story short if you have the urge to comment on a story on Yahoo write a blog instead you less likely to run into hurtful replies since most blog readers have an IQ above moron. This is Jeff filling in for lazy Flounder once again saying CIAO from Medellin

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